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Tips For Vendors

Tips for Vendors – The Do’s & Don’ts of Exhibiting

(As listed by the Trade Show Exhibitors Association)


  1. Do your research on the market the event serves
    1. Understand the needs of the audience and create an information package that serves that event’s audience.
  2. Keep in mind that the event does not sell your products for you, it just brings the visitors.
    1. Your staff sells the products.  They must be prepared to present information and sell product.
  3. Bring your friendliest employees.
    1. You want high-energy, happy people in your booth.  They must be well groomed and attentive.  Not sitting, talking with each other, or on the cell phone.
  4. If you can’t afford to buy a custom display, be creative and make one.
    1. Create a great exhibit by bringing posters, banners, and signs.
  5. Bring a clever giveaway.
    1. Every other vendor has candy.  The better the giveaway, the more people who will want to stop at your booth to get one.
  6. You need time to walk the floor to make contacts with the other vendors.
    1. They can be new customers or know of new customers.


  1. Leave your booth design to the last minute
    1. Planning your booth in plenty of time before show will be less stressful for everyone concerned and avoids many mistakes that occur under time pressure.
  2. Have a dull exhibit booth
    1. The purpose of your exhibit is to attract visitors so that they can buy your products and services.  Make it an open, welcoming and friendly space.  Very few visitors will take the time to read, so remember that pictures say a thousand words.
  3. Don’t wait for questions
    1. Enormous time and money are put into organizing show participation and too many company representatives just behind a table and wait for visitors to approach their booths.  Put the table in the back of the booth, get out front, and meet your guests.  Ask passing visitors to come over and view your company’s products and services.
  4. Don’t offer too much information
    1. Often staff members feel compelled to give the visitor as much information as possible.  They fail to ask the visitor about their needs.  They lack questioning skills and often miss important qualifying information.
  5. Don’t overcrowd the booth with people
    1. Companies often send too many representatives to events and it intimidates the visitors.  Assign minimal representatives to avoid them fumbling around the booth.
  6. Don’t send the wrong representative
    1. Your reps are your ambassadors, so choose them well.  Make sure they understand what the goals of the event are.  Make sure they sell instead of tell.  Close every interaction with a commitment to follow-up.
  7. Don’t wait too long to follow up
    1. The longer leads are left unattended, the colder they become.  Set time lines for follow up and then measure your results.


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