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Starbucks Will Now Serve Ice Cream!

At a 100 different stores worldwide, customers can expect their favorite coffee store to begin selling ice cream. Starbucks announced this week that they will be adding Roastery Affogato to their menu. Locations expected to receive the new addition include Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC.

Affogato is an Italian dessert which consists of  “a shot or two of espresso with a scoop of gelato.” The treat has only recently become an obsession in America, and is a perfect addition to any coffee shop.



Two batches of ice cream will hit the 100 locations first. At the testing locations, customers can purchase the Italian treat for $6 to $8.50. One concoction definitely appearing on the menu is the Cold Brew Malt. Made with small-lot cold brew, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate bitters – the sweet treat will make you mouth water just by reading the description.

The Seattle Starbucks location was first to bring the ice cream on the scene. Quickly, it became one of the top five menus items last year. The Seattle Roastery has even began getting creative with their Affogato concepts. Last year, baristas created a cold brew ice cream float and the Shakerato Affogato which is made out of icy espresso, vanilla flavoring, and mint.



This is not the first time that Starbucks have tested out a new addition to their menu. In 2010, they added alcohol to their list of beverages. Customers were allowed to order booze after dark on their “evenings” menu.

The company did not succeed with this concept. Starbucks attempted to keep alcohol on the menu by adding “free wine tastings, table-side service, a certain amount of publicity and in-store promotions, and signage to promote Evenings.”

We are hoping the ice cream will make an appearance at all locations through America. Starbucks is attempting to find new ways to reinvent the way people drink coffee and, by the looks of Seattle, the US is already taking kindly to the mixture of ice cream and coffee.
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